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Multimodality Therapy

Multimodality Therapy

What is Multimodality Therapy?
Multimodality therapy is a take on psychotherapy. It is widely based on the premise that humans are biological creatures that feel, think, act, imagine and interact; each of these modalities should be addressed in psychological treatments. Multimodal therapy is built around this general promise. 
Multimodality therapy is somewhat of a broad treatment action; it does not incorporate a specific course of treatment, but instead, refers to incorporating multiple treatment methods. 
Mesothelioma Multimodal Therapy:
Although a cure does not presently exist for mesothelioma cancer, several patients are undergoing new treatments to fight the cancer. A multimodal therapy approach is one that combines two or more treatment options, completed simultaneously, to combat the disease. When fighting mesothelioma cancer, medical professionals will recommend a multimodal approach; a combined effort will bolster a mesothelioma patient’s effort in eliminating the cancer. 
Medical professionals will recommend a number of different treatment options for mesothelioma patients. Common multimodal therapy packages will incorporate mesothelioma surgery with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy to fight the disease. In general, a specific treatment option is never isolated; mesothelioma patients undergoing multimodality therapy will always combine mesothelioma treatment options.
For example, a mesothelioma patient who undergoes mesothelioma surgery to remove cancerous tumors and tissues may also undergo radiation and chemotherapy to attack any leftover cancerous cells. If a mesothelioma patient is a candidate for surgery (typically these patients have early-stage mesothelioma) chemo and radiation therapy will typically be applied to their general treatment course.