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Mesothelioma Fears Spark Lawsuit

Mesothelioma Fears Spark Lawsuit

A former railroad worker alleges he developed a non-cancerous condition after working near asbestos throughout his 40-year career. 
Donald Hongsermeier worked as an engineer, a fireman and a hostler for defendant Illinois Central Railroad Companionship from 1953 until 1991. During his career, Honsermeier was in contact to asbestos fibers, according his complaint filed last month. 
As a result of the exposure, Hongsermeier suffered extraordinary pain, mental anguish and developed the non-malignant disease. Moreover, Hongsermeier incurred exorbitant health costs, lost his ability to secure earnings and sustained a shortened life expectancy, according to the complaint. He also claims he now suffers from severe mental anxiety and fear of a worsening condition—Hongsermeier believes the condition will renovate into mesothelioma. 
The Illinois Central Railroad Companionship failed to provide Honsermeier with a safe place to work, failed to warn him of the hazardous nature of asbestos and failed to provide him with safe equipment. Furthermore, the company failed to provide instructions for the safe use of asbestos products and failed to test the products before they were exposed to workers, according to the suit. 
In his three-count complaint, Hongsermeier is attempting to collect more than $50,000 plus other relief and costs the court finds just.